The Surgery will close for staff training on (usually) the 1st or 2nd Thursday (occasionally Wednesday) every month. Please note that these dates are subject to change as per Oldham CCG. The Practice will be CLOSED from 1.00pm until 7.30am the following day.

If you need to order a repeat prescription please email, please only contact the surgery to order medication if you are unable to email your request. Prescriptions take 48 hours to be processed.

Repeat Prescriptions 

Medication initiated by a GP or a Hospital Doctor may need to be continued beyond the first prescription.

To avoid the need for an appointment simply to renew a prescription, an agreement can be made to allow a number of repeat prescriptions.

With the ever-expanding range of treatments available, issuing repeat prescriptions has become a major undertaking for general practices and for the system to work well there needs to be rules and procedures. 

Many patients would be surprised at the large volume of repeat prescription processed in the course of an average week and on any one day several members of staff will be deployed exclusively to produce and issue these prescriptions. It is a complex operation and we ask patients to understand that there will be occasional problems, which may be outside the control of the staff involved.

Patients wishing to order or collect repeat prescriptions in person should present themselves at the Repeat Prescription counter, adjacent to the main reception desk.

Alternatively, for convenience, and to reduce congestion around the practice reception counter, patients can post their repeat prescription request in the “post box” provided on the wall to the right of the NHS reception desk. Patients are also able to order repeat medication by email or on-line. Please ask at reception for the email address or password for on-line access. 

The Repeat Prescription Slip

Virtually all repeat prescriptions are now computer-generated and the key component of the system is the right hand half of the computerised prescription, which will now be familiar to many patients.

If a doctor intends an item of medication to be available as a repeat it will usually appear on the right side of the prescription. This is designed to be detachable from the part of the prescription required by the pharmacist and is usually retained by the patient. This detachable part of the prescription is often referred to as a repeat prescription slip and on it will be listed all the items of medication which have been authorised to be repeated.

Generally speaking, if an item does not appear on a repeat prescription slip it has not been authorised and it may not be possible to obtain the item without an appointment. We prefer as many items as possible to be ordered using repeat prescription slips, as this is the safest way to avoid errors and inappropriate use of medication.

Howver, there may sometimes be a need for a patient to obtain further supplies of an item of medication before the doctor has had the opportunity to give full authorisation. If the medication is deemed to be important it is normally possible for staff to obtain permission to issue one repeat prescription up to a maximum of 28 days supply, at the discretion of the doctor. Usually at this stage staff will then ask the doctor to authorise more repeat prescriptions. In many instances this can be done without the need for a further appointment but if there is any doubt an appointment may be required.

The quantities of medication issued on each repeat prescription are at the discretion of the doctor and can be for 28, 56 or 84 days or occasionally, under special circumstances, for longer.

The doctor may authorise a certain number of repeats, e.g. 6 or 12 or a period of time during which repeats can be obtained, e.g. 6 or 12 months, after which the authorisation will expire. The repeat prescription slip shows when this expiry is due to occur and it will often be necessary at that stage to book an appointment with your usual doctor for a review.

Sometimes, it will be apparent that items are appearing on the repeat prescription slip that you no longer need or you have been advised to discontinue by a doctor or nurse. On other occasions, the same medication is still taken but the dose has been amended. Please let the prescription office know if any of these apply and we will endeavour to make the necessary changes. Alternatively, discuss this with the doctor or nurse at your next appointment.

Difficulties with repeat prescriptions can often arise when patients are discharged from hospital. Often new items are prescribed and older items discontinued. Some items, which are normally on the repeat prescription slip but are not required all the time, may not appear on the hospital discharge letter, causing confusion.  Occassionally the hospital may have failed to explain clearly what medication the patient should be taking or there may be ambiguities. Please be patient whilst we try to sort these problems out, but let us know if you still feel there might be something in need of correction.

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered in the following ways:

  • By hand
  • By post
  • By Fax
  • By email
  • Online via the link at the top of this page

Whichever method is chosen, the repeat prescription slip should be used, with the items required marked with a [✓]. If, for some reason, this slip is not available, a clearly written note is required.

During normal surgery hours the repeat prescription request can be handed in at the Repeat Prescription Counter. Alternatively, if there is queue or the counter is not staffed, the request can be placed in the ‘post box’ on the wall to the right of the NHS reception desk.

A SAE should accompany postal repeat prescription requests.

The repeat-prescription fax number is 0161 621 7629.

The email address for prescription requests is

Regrettably, at the present time, we are unable to accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone. We are aware that this can be an inconvenience but there are two good reasons why this is not allowed. Firstly, we have found that telephone ordering results in too many prescription errors, and this could have serious consequences. Secondly, an unmanageable volume of telephone calls would be generated, resulting in poor telephone access for other, perhaps more important, matters. The situation will be reviewed from time to time.

For patients who have difficulty attending the surgery for repeat prescriptions; Some pharmacies do provide an ordering service whereby they are prepared to order repeat prescriptions on the patient’s behalf. Many have found this service useful. The following local pharmacies are likely to provide this service:

  • Wolstenholme & McDiarmid, 67 Market St, Shaw (Tel: 01706 847108)
  • Boots, 8 Market St, Shaw (Tel: 01706 847115)
  • The Co-Operative Ltd, 29 High St, Shaw (Tel: 01706 842973)
  • Lifestyle, 160 Trent Rd, High Crompton (Tel: 01706 841391)
  • Lloyds Pharmacy, Royton Health & Wellbeing Centre (Tel: -0161 768 1409)
  • The Co-Operative Ltd, Park St, Royton (Tel: 0161 620 1270)
  • Market Square Pharmacy, 28 Market Sq, Royton (Tel: 0161 633 4223)
  • The Co-Operative Ltd, 38-40 Market Sq, Royton (Tel: 0161 624 4104)
  • Boots, 6 Elk Mill Centre Retail Park, Royton (Tel: 0161 652 1620)
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